So... What can be done?

There are many different types of solutions possible using the mydigitalstructure platform, these can range from a standard eCommerce website all the way to a custom web application for internal use within your business.

Do any of the following statements below apply to your business?

  • We have about 3 different systems managing our customer data, sometimes the data is updated in one system but not others.
  • I use a Windows based piece of software to do my ordering and invoicing but I would really like access to it on my iPhone or iPad.
  • We use a system which is online, but it would be great if we could remove fields we never used and made it generally fit our business better.
  • I have been using a system internally for a long time but now I am growing the business and it won't keep up with how fast we are growing.
  • Sure it would be great to have our own custom software built, but I am only a small business and don't have the budget for that.

If you are interested in hearing about how you can solve these problems in your business contact me now. If you would like to read more about how I have helped other businesses solve these problems have a look at the Example Projects.

  • Controlling Data

    By having separate placed to store your data it can be limiting the possibilities of interacting with your staff and customers.

  • Multiple Devices

    Using one type of interface or device for all your staff may be causing inefficiencies and lack of engagement with business information.

  • Adaptive Software

    Having business software which is able to change and evolve as your business does puts you ahead of your competition. Take ownership of your business software.

  • Scalable Business

    An application built on mydigitalstructure scales with your business and is a cost effective solution compared to traditional software.