After you are up and running

Your custom web application comes with a support subscription for each of your users. This provides you with an ongoing point of contact to solve any issues with the web application as you use it within your business. This also covers the costs involved with ensuring that your data is backed up in realtime 24x7. Part of the service is also that there are multiple instances of mydigitalstructure running across multiple continents, so in the event of server failure your app will not stop working.

Part of support is also ensuring that as your business changes so too does the app to match your ever evolving business.

For example you may come across some of the following likely scenarios for a business after building your first app.

  • We have a new team member starting but they are based overseas and we want to give them very restricted access to do a handful of things.
  • Now that we have our product set within our app we would like to allow customers to order directly from the website.
  • Our customer is using a piece of software we would like to import from directly so we don't have to re-key it into our app.
  • We would like a native app built for our clients that uses GPS and gyro on mobile devices, can we do this and give them access to a subset of our data?
  • There is a cool looking menu that we saw on a website on the internet, would really be good if we could use that menu in our app.

Since your app will be web based, all of the requests above are just extensions to your existing app and can be added as you need them. If you would like to read more about how I have helped other businesses solve these problems have a look at the Example Projects.