• 1.

    Process map and assist in design a web application which is used within your business to simplify and streamline your activities.

  • 2.

    Code, develop and test your design to 'make it real' and make live changes based on feedback.

  • 3.

    Deploy your custom web application to your business and train staff.

  • 4.

    Support your custom web application and based on feedback extend or update the application as your needs change.


Following quite a few years of being an IT Administrator in 2009 I decided to start 1up IT, a company which aims to help businesses function more effectively by using web based technologies. Since 2009, 1up IT has been designing, developing and deploying purpose built web applications tailored to help many businesses streamline their processes.
After seeing first hand small businesses running with multiple databases and having to deal with the headaches involved with a closed system. 1up IT looked to the web to see how web standards can be utilised to help small business have their own self contained system that can be extended and tweaked to grow with them.

1up IT uses the flexibility and function of the mydigitalstructure platform developing quick-to-deploy business solutions, based on the standards of HTML, CSS and Javascript. These standards are used throughout the internet on almost every website, and 1up IT now uses this technology to help create a custom experience for small business.

  • Design

    Best place to start with any project is to have a discussion regarding your requirements. This can be a great opportunity for me to better understand your business as I may be able to suggest ways the technology can help your business. From here the solution can be designed and documented to help streamline the remaining steps in the process.

  • Develop

    As the ideas are formalised in the design process we are now ready to take the next step to begin assembling your application. Since 1up IT uses the power of the mydigitalstructure framework, the development of your app is usually the quickest part in the whole process. It also allows for quick incremental changes as you see it take shape.

  • Deploy

    Finally we are ready to deploy the application in your business. No software installation is required, since the app is web based it will work with all modern web browsers. I can provide on-site support, updates and training for your staff, but since the application has been purpose built for your company it should already 'make sense' to staff.