Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common queries
  • How much will a custom web application cost?
  • This is probably the most frequently asked question and is also the hardest one to answer. As solutions vary so much it can be hard to specify an exact figure. The cost however, will be substantially less then developing a 'full stack' application. If you would like me to provide a quote for your web application idea contact me now.
  • How long does it take to design, develop and deploy a web application?
  • Again this is another common question as solutions vary so much it can be hard to specify a time frame, but typically most projects take between a couple of weeks (smaller projects) to 3 months (larger projects) from start of design to deployment within your business. If you have certain timeframes you need to hit obviously these times can be accelerated. If you would like me to provide a quote for your web application idea including a timeframe contact me now.
  • What will the end result for my business be? What will I get?
  • This can vary depending on the solution, but in most cases you at the end of the process you will be given a web address which hosts your application and the business data. Also you will issued mydigitalstructure user accounts for each user in your business requiring access. The custom web application including any Javascript, HTML and CSS will be made available for you to download.
  • Where is my business data stored?
  • Your web application will be built using the mydigitalstructure platform which is hosted using Amazon Web Services in Australia. For more information read How mydigitalstructure uses Amazon Web Services.
  • Why would I build my own app? There already exists an app for my industry?
  • A purpose built app probably already exists for your industry, however if you were to use an app like this, then you will be using a vital business application which you have no control over. The custom web application 1up IT will build for you is written in Javascript, HTML and CSS. All are open standards which any web developer can use to extend or add functionality to your application. You are now in control of your

If your question is not answered in the list above please contact me now and I will endeavour to get an answer for your query as soon as possible. If you would like to read more about how I have helped other businesses solve these problems have a look at the Example Projects.